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Switched on…or not?

Taking charge of your life and the many switches out there


When I first registered the domain switched on dot info about 15 years ago, it was my conviction that this was an exceedingly bright idea.

Think again, one of life’s central lessons is to be humble. So, of course, others had the same idea. And hey, after all, a switch, which be can be on and off, is a ubiquitous gizmo in mechanics and electronics. Duh.

More on this and other people who had the same idea later though.

For now, let’s turn that switch on.

Live Switched On Because that is What You Have to Do

switched on

Using the primordial metaphor of making light, I wanted to express that we all have the choice to take charge of our lives for the better. Switching on the inner light to have the life we desire.

I must note here that it is one of the deepest and oldest philosophical questions in the book if humans do have free will in the first place or not. The debate is ongoing and it will never end. We can only work with the conviction that we do have free will. All the way to the latest string theory there are hints that we do have free will. Free will is that space we must get in between when something happens and before we react. There are ways to create and enlarge that space and hence become freer in our choices. Anything else would be awfully depressing, yet we have to acknowledge all the odds.

While we all come from different backgrounds, living independent and freely typically requires three central adaptations in our life.

Let’s call them the three pillars of switched on living:

First, a mindset that has the ability to defy what we learn in mainstream society when needed and allows us to break free from being a herd animal.

Second, a systematic and resilient approach to making, keeping, and growing money so we can be financially free.

The third pillar of switched on living is the commitment to being a moral and beneficial person to planet earth and fellow human beings. This commitment will ensure lasting success as it is our ultimate purpose and a goal that is greater than ourselves.

Depending on where you are today, the sequence might be different for you. Also, depending on your personality, each of the three pillars might come in different flavors. But you do need those three pillars to living switched on:

The first one is inner freedom. It is the attitudes that make up your outlook on life and allow you to take charge and own your decisions wholeheartedly. The second pillar, producing wealth, is outer or financial freedom. One could argue, which one needs to come first. In essence, however, they are interdependent, and one cannot sustainably be without the other.

The third pillar is meaning, or – with a little pathos, transcendence. This yearning for purpose is a profoundly human need that cannot go unaddressed in a switched on life.

Learn to establish the three pillars of switched on living in your life with my Free Course.

So Many Switches

switch on switch off

As I said above, others head the idea of using the term ‘switched on’ in relation to improving our lives: On Amazon, there is a book on Switched-On Living that deals with using the mind-body connection and kinesiology. Australians seem to have a knack for being switched on as various digital agencies go by that name. There is ‘switched on training’ using the tagline ‘human energy.’ There is also a ‘Switched On and Hyperreal Film Club’ on Youtube and the Switched on Kids Organisation in the UK that teaches children using electricity safely. I am sure there is plenty more. And I hope we can all thrive.

The top-rated definition for ‘switched on’  in the Urban Dictionary is ‘Someone who is switched on is alert and intelligent.’ Let’s go with that. And I am happy after all that I am using an idea that so many others had as well. It simply means the concept is simple to understand as it applies a common meme. And, well, that is kind of switched on I’d say.