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Win the Mind Game

Life is a mind game. You can win
the mind game by developing
your awareness and training
your mind. Winning the mind
game makes your life fun
and valuable to the world.

So go for it.

Why Consumerism is a Trap and How to Avoid it
Why Consumerism is a Trap and How to Avoid it

Yes, consumerism is a trap. But things might not entirely be as they seem. Ever since Thorstein Veblen's 1899 classic 'Theory of the Leisure Class,' many have denounced consumerism. And many calling out consumerism thought they were culturally sophisticated or morally...

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Live Switched On Now Win the Mind Game​The mind game involves the tricks our minds play on us to keep you stuck in a limited outer reality that others determine. Common tricks the mind uses are fear, judgments, preconceptions, limiting beliefs, and habits.

Indeed, the mind has been called the great trickster. As a result, we are pitted against ourselves in the mind game.  But we can win the mind game and live switched-on. Learn how.

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