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Live Switched On

Win the Mind Game. Win the Money Game. Be a Better Person.


Hi, Poyel here.

Your destiny is the choices you make. Indeed, you could not choose where your journey started. Perhaps life dealt you a bad hand. But it is your responsibility to decide where you are going from here, nonetheless.

How do you feel about your life today? Financially? Physically? Emotionally? Are you happy?

Well, the answer is yours. And yours alone. You know that you can lie to the whole world. But you cannot lie to yourself.

Know that you can choose to live switched on. Yes, it is quite literally like turning on a switch to grow that human potential inherent in each of us.

You can see yourself prosper and grow to levels you do not dare to imagine.

If you are well, others around you will be well because all human purpose is eventually larger than ourselves.

To live switched on requires work on your self-awareness and consciousness. To live switched on is taking charge of your mind and make sufficient money to live independently and on your terms. As a result, you become a better person and can make a positive contribution to our world this way.

I is simple. But it’s far from easy. Ar you up for it?


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